Custom Websites


There are no graphics here…

Because, when we custom build a website,

we start with a blank sheet.

What do you want your custom website to look like?

In today’s development world websites are either custom-designed and programmed or are built using a website theme.

The advantage, each theme has a pre-programmed design look for the header and navigation layout, font style, page layout (including photo usage), footer layout and color palette for each section of the page (header, body and footer) and each page on the website which was incorporated into the theme.

These pre-designed and pre-programmed features for a given theme, are then personalized (edited, reconfigured, and as needed re-programmed) to meet personal preferences for font, color, photo usage, call-to-action styles, and sometimes modifying the page layouts to achieve certain goals.

Custom website development differs because you do not use a pre-programmed theme, but a theme builder instead. This means the design starts with a clean sheet of paper, and multiple graphical designs are developed to create a personalized look, that appeals to your unique design preferences for your company’s website., of Malvern, PA, uses Photoshop graphic design software to design the page layouts, and theme builder software to program custom websites. The advantages of using a theme builder platform include the flexibility to create nearly any look you want and all programming tools we need to program and configure the website.

Not sure if a Custom or Semi-Custom Website is right for you, give us a call at (484) 318-8160 and we will guide you through the decision process.

Why WordPress?

We build all websites using the WordPress operating system.

WordPress is one of the most popular website content management system on the market.

We like it because there are tens of thousands of programmers skilled in the operating system.

More importantly, because of WordPress’s popularity. There are thousands of apps (called “plugins” in WordPress speak). If you have a need for a special function on your website there is probably an app for that in the Plugin Library.

Using WordPress plugins can save many hours of programming.

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