Website Payment Options

Purchase a Website

Bright Ideas for Website offers these convenient payment terms for custom and personalized website projects:


The most popular and common method to purchase a website is to pay for it with an initial deposit and at the conclusion of the development pay the balance.

We provide clients who wish to purchase their website with three payment options:

  • Option 1: 50% up front, 30% at staging (when the programming is done) and 20% upon installation.
  • Option 2: 4 monthly payments.  
  • Option 3: 20% down plus the balance due divided into 11 monthly payments (charged to clients credit card).
                     Price includes a 3% financing charge.

Website Lease

If your accountant is recommending you lease the website we can accommodate the request.  You must pass a credit check.


Need a lot of ongoing support, consider our Subscription option which includes a set number of hours each month for editing and maintenance. 

Don’t want to worry about keeping your site up to date, ask about our Monthly Maintenance Program starting as little as $200 per month.

Subscription Service

In the world of software, there has been a rapid development of subscription based service models.

Bright Ideas for Websites, Malvern PA now offers 3-year and 5-year subscription service payment model for pre-built and personalized websites.

Have ongoing support needs and a dynamic business with frequent updates to the website, consider our Subscription option which includes a set number of hours each month for editing and maintenance.

Pre-built and personalized website subscription offers you many benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Fast development time
  • Search Engine Optimized for your industry
  • Many options to choose from – You see it before you buy it
  • Personalize photos, copy, fonts and color scheme to your personal taste
  • Option to add Google AdWord and Facebook Ads to drive traffic
  • Option to subscribe or rent instead of buy

Our Website Subscription Service provides you with these benefits:

  • Maintenance is included in the low monthly fee
  • Website hosting and Malware software are included with the subscription
  • WordPress Content Management System and the plugins are updated every month, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the site up to date
  • Set number of hours ins included for website updates to copy, photos, etc. as needed.


Need an online presence for a few weeks or few months?

For individuals and organizations that don’t have a website and have a short term need to be online to promote themselves or an event…Consider renting instead of building.

Business Meeting ♦ Resume ♦ Wedding ♦ Event

Does this ever happen to you…You have a big meeting coming up, and you approached your IT department and asked them to create a Landing Page on the website to promote your event and allow people to register…And they say “no promises – we will put it in the queue and let you know when and if we can do it.”

You just lost your job.  You have create a great resume…and all the recruiters and personnel people are asking how can I see your resume online.

You just got engaged – Congratulations.  Your a Millennial, so you know your way around a keyboard and mouse and want to put up a website page to share the great news online.  Facebook lets you talk about it and promote the grand moment.  But you want to make a list of things you need and share it with friends and family…So rent a website page dedicated to you and your fiance.

Choose one of our pre-built  business meeting, resume or announcement, and rent it for a low monthly fee.  No contract, cancel at any time.

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